Quality Policy

"Probus Natural is committed to deliver high quality products produced in an environment friendly and ethical manner to our valued customers which consistently meet or exceed their needs and expectations. Our motto – Best quality, On time, Every time."


Certifications of Probus Natural


Quality of our botanical ingredients / products begins at the cultivation and farming stage. Probus is closely associated with farmers and suppliers who consistently provide quality herbs/spices/botanicals that meet our highest standards. We prefer certifised organic or pesticide-free plant products that are sustainably harvested and fresh, tasty, potent, and consistent herbal goods are proven safe through laboratory analysis

Our purchase decisions are done based on sustainable agricultural cultivation and harvesting practices, the potential social and environmental impacts of growing, harvesting, and drying herbs/spices/botanicals. We have a strict policy that guarantees farmers/producers/suppliers a fair market value for the goods they produce.


The quality of the botanical ingredients majorly depends upon identity, purity, content, and chemical, physical or biological properties of the botanicals and on the production process.

We have state of the art Super Critical CO2 technology to produce to botanical natural ingredients. We follow Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices and we have well documented standardized HACCP processes, protocols and practices for all the products.

Product Analysis and Testing

We have international standard in house quality analysis and control facility to analyze the identity of botanicals, Organoleptic evaluation, physical and chemical analysis.

Probus has partnered with reputed advanced analytical laboratories for Qualitative & Quantitative Evaluations, GMO Analysis, Full Microbial Analysis, Pesticide Residue and Heavy Metals Analysis the botanicals and natural ingredients . This allows us to offer complete technical documentation and

detailed certificates of analysis. Our partner labs have been accredited with international certifications and adhere with Good Laboratory Practices and are equipped with sophisticated instruments like UV Spectrophotometer, TLC, HPLC, HPTLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS etc.