Probus Natural - Partner in Progress

Partners in Progress

Research, Innovation & Product Development

The synergy between green technologies and an ocean of information in Ayurveda, based on a holistic approach to healthy living and treatment for the sick, waiting to be metamorphosed into todays natural product offerings in food, health and cosmetic sector.

We focus on the convergence of ideas to do innovative research for new products, using the three pillars of ancient knowledge, changing customer demands and application of green technologies for the benefit health and wellness of mankind economically, ethically and maintaining the confidentiality and intellectual property rights of the stakeholders.

Probus is your reliable partner in collaborative research, innovation and the successful product development of ingredients for natural health products, aromatherapy and cosmetic products, dietary food supplements and nutraceuticals, food and beverage flavorings industry.

Custom and Contract Manufacturing

Probus provides custom and contract manufacturing facilities to its clients, from idea conception through commercial scale processing. Clients can fully develop while placing a product in the market during the early "Incubator" stage, continuing through commercial scale processing. We partner with our clients to achieve the best quality end-product.